Saturday, 20 January 2018

Photography -Random Close Up Shots Of Red Mini Hibiscus (Sleeping Hibiscus)

It has been almost 2 and half years since I took up photography and I would say that I truly enjoy this journey together with the hubby.  Though I may not have reached a stage that my photos are above average, I know I have FUN solving the challenges presented to me behind the lens of a camera. For those who are not really into photography, just consider the joy when you solve a crossword puzzle.  Unlike a crossword puzzle, photography is an evolving challenge. There is a myriad of subjects which can range from static to moving or even a sports event.  

I am sharing here some random shots which I took recently while rummaging through my lil space for suitable subject when I saw the beautiful Red Mini Hibiscus aka known as Sleeping Hibiscus are in full bloom. These are the shots I took and I am happy with them even if they dont look that great. I always tell myself I will reach there one day :)   Photos are taken with different settings to get different effect .  All shots are taken hand held. 


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