Friday, 23 February 2018

The Predator And Its Prey

There are a lot of garden spiders in my lil space. I recently bought a Costus plant for my lil space. One evening, I saw this spider (predator) waiting to catch the ants  ( prey ) that were running along the length of the flower.  I could not this this scene slips, so I took out my camera and started shooting away. Quite fascinating to watch through the lens.  Poor by one they were eaten by this predator.  Maybe its God's way of providing the spider its food :p  It is an interesting subject for my photography quest.  I love my lil space and I see God's wonderful creation through the lens. 

looks like a golden spider

poor ants as you can see they really have little chance
to escape from by one eaten up by the
 predator waiting to strike
 the ants can hardly escape its predator