Sunday, 24 June 2018

Flowers And Bees Are Great Photography Subjects

When there are flowers ,there are insects. They help in pollinating the chilli flowers in my lil space. Took a few shots of the bee buzzing around the chilli flowers which will turn into chillies later . So  thankful for them buzzing around the flowers. They are great subject for photography too.

Excerpt taken from here

How do bees pollinate plants?

Bees work very hard collecting nectar from flowers to turn into honey. But something else happens when worker bees buzz around on their daily mission. It’s called ‘pollination’ and it’s very important for our planet. Every time a bee lands on a flower, a little bit of pollen sticks to their feet. Some pollen also falls off as they fly about. When this pollen falls onto other plants, pollination occurs, which means the plants reproduce.
Bees pollinate two thirds of the world’s crops and flowers. Which means they make two thirds of all our plants grow, giving us food to eat and lovely flowers to enjoy. Bees pollinate onions, avocados, apples and strawberries, just to name a few! We have a lot to thank bees for, which is yet another reason why we must protect our precious honey bees.

trying hard to get the pollens

I am assured, this will turned into a chilli soon

they love chilli flowers and basil flowers

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