Friday, 29 June 2018

Water Diamond Stud Tiara

After the rain stopped, I went out to do some clickings and I found my tiara studded with water diamonds.  A gift from God. Priceless !  I have a weakness for water diamonds and I will look out for it in my lil space each time after the rain. Well, I guess I am rich, each time after a heavy shower of rain.  The water gems are free from heaven and always have me bewitched.  You can see refraction on the water gems :) The sky was gloomy so I used flashlight to capture the refraction on the water droplets which I named them my 'water  gems'.
Some water gems are hidden from sight and I have to search for them ROFL. Like the photo below ^v^.

hidden gems

there is slight shake when taken  handheld
so I can't get a sharp picture yet :p

even the chilli are studded with water crystals,
 I am rich :)

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