Friday, 1 December 2017

Asian Honey Bee - Close Up Photography

It has been a while since I last posted here.  Been busy of late , but since my bittergourd flowers are a plenty this season and the bees are coming back to help pollinate the female flowers , I took the opportunity to take out my camera and started shooting away. Not many of the shots turned out good but I managed to get a few I am happy with. These Asian bees are busy fluttering away so I had to set the shutter speed to bigger number.  I find taking moving objects a challenge especially bees and birds. They cant stay still for long :)  Anyway, I am happy with my progress .  Close Up Photography gives me happiness ....I will never give up on close up photography. I hope to master the art of close up photography comes 2018.  All the close up photos  are taken hand held. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Bokeh Photography

"Bokeh is an optical effect in which the background of a photo is blurred. The blur is produced by taking photos with a shallow depth of field. Bokeh occurs in the areas of the photo that are out-of-focus. As a result, the background looks softer and the subject sharper and more vivid. If there are highlights in the background, they will take on the shape of the lens’s aperture. Most often these “specular highlights” are circles, sometimes hexagonals." - taken from

When I started my photography journey two years ago , Bokeh was one of the topic I learnt.  I knew I would love to learn more and improved on it.  I know I still have lots to learn and I also know that photography is my second love after cooking and baking :)  This photo was taken handheld with my Nikon D7000 with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC lens of my mini hibiscus with the Bokeh effect in the background. I am happy with this shot though it may not be a winning one :)  This just shows that with perseverance I can do it !


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Murraya koenigii ( Curry Tree ) And Its White Flowers

When I discovered that my curry tree is flowering for the first time, I could not help but to take a picture of it.  With my Nikon and close up lens attached in hand, I started clicking away and have forgotten that it is hard to take a sharp picture especially when the wind is strong and the sky is dark and the bunch of flowers were dancing to the wind BUT to me it is a CHALLENGE . Though the picture is not a perfect one, I am pleased with it.  Shutter speed setting is important and Aperture and ISO all must be taken into consideration to capture a great shot.  I will not give day I will be good :p  My husband , my 2 sons and my 2 daughters are my encouragement . Even if the picture is far from good, they are still supportive :)  I thank God for giving me a supportive family.  It means the world to me .

My curry tree  also known as Murraya koenigii has its first flowers.   These white flowers can self pollinate to produce small shiny black berries containing a single large viable seed.  Though the berry pulp is edible - with a sweet but medicinal flavor, in general neither the pulp or the seed is used in culinary purposes.   Its leaves are used in many dishes in India, Sri Langka and neighbouring countries.  Often used in curries and other dishes.  The leaves are generally called curry leaves or sweet neem leaves as in the Indian language.  Seeds must be ripe and fresh to plant; dried or shriveled fruits are not viable. One can plant the whole fruit, but it is best to remove the pulp before planting in potting mix that is kept moist but not wet. Stem cuttings can be also used for propagation. 

  taken with Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 DC Lens 
with close up lens attached
Condition :Dark Cloud, Strong Wind 
Setting :ISO400, 1/400 sec
f 3.2 - natural lighting
 Maybe I should increase the shutter speed to 1/800
since the wind is strong and the object is
dancing vigorously :p

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

28-Spotted Potato Ladybird Beetle - Larvae Stage

Oh gosh....I spotted these yellow larvae under the bitter gourd leaves. Not knowing what larvae are these, I quickly googled and found that are spotted potato ladybird larvae.  They are considered as pests on agricultural crops such potatoes, radishes , pumpkin, turnips ,spinach and beans.  The adults feed on the upper surface of leaves and the larvae feed on the bottom surface of leaves.  Not  good news for home gardener like me :p . Now I know why my bitter gourd leaves are turning brown . For the time being they are good photography subject for I will allow them to feed on my bitter gourd leaves for a while :p It is kind of cruel to kill them...right ?   Click here for more information

the larvae stay on under the underside of leaves

managed to get a close up..they are very tiny actually
the siblings stay close to each other :)

I love their color at this stage, later days their color will change to
black and orange

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Leafhopper ( family Cicadellidae ) Mating?

There are lots of things to see and observe in my lil space where I planted lots of plants and edibles.  Was looking through my plants for pests and found this leaf hoppers together, either they are courting or about to mate :p  Could not resist  and I took a close up picture of them together on my cotton plant stem. Love the color of the rhubarb.  They are considered pests to my plants but I allowed them to dwell in my garden. They bred fast and in no time I see my cotton plants full of them. They are very tiny and not noticeable unless you really hunt them down.  They are great subjects for my photography lesson :)

The leafhoppers were great friends until this orange insect (not sure whether it is the baby leafhopper) came along and separated them. What a nuisance ! After a while the orange insect flew off and the two leaf hoppers continues their courting LOL! Lots to see through the close up lens and my photography lessons continues :)

love the color of the cotton plant stem...reminds me of Rhubarb

and their courtship continues now going the other direction LOL

love the shallow depth of field here

this is not picture perfect but I somehow love the background :p

Joe's Lastest Addition To His Music Studio

It is hard not to find a Midi Keyboard Controller in my friend Joe's music studio. He keeps adding music instruments and accessories to his band.  I am amazed at his craze for music instruments and accessories. I guess he spend most of his income on musical instruments.  Oh well, since his children are all married, no financial commitment , I guess he has extra for his hobbies. And one of them is music. He has a band and he performs in hotels .  He and his band are always invited to performed for private functions and he is quite popular among our age group that is those above 50's . Hubby and I love to hear him sings Elvis's songs.  And he has a fantastic voice. During one of our meet up, we used to meet up for midnight supper after his performance, I asked him where he gets his music gadgets from and he told us that he usually buy online and sometimes he gets free shipping . His lastest addition is a Midi Keyboard Controller and he got if from best midi keyboard at   and you can check out more music gadgets from their official website . We enjoyed Joe's company very much as he is a great entertainer. He is a clown at times as he makes us laugh the whole night long whenever we are with him. He talks non stop from fishing to music stuff. We love this guy to bits and we are very blessed to have him as our friend :)

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Close Up Shots Of Insect Camouflage On A Flower Bud

I have not been playing with my DSLR for quite some time...just very busy with stuff and today, I just wanna share some of the beautiful sights that I am lucky to have capture through the close up lens. I am not able to indentify the insect at the moment but once I get its name, I will update here for your information. The beautiful part is how it camouflaged itself on the bud which is about to bloom in a day's time. Color is almost the same as the petals of the bud. I find it most exciting and in awe at how great our God is.  Love this picture much even though it might not be a prize winning picture but it shows me an insight on how the insect can camouflage itself so well.  If not for the close-up lens I would have missed this beautiful sight :) My main intention was to take a close up pic of the flower bud .  Texture of the petal is clearly captured and the fine hairs at the base of the bud too.  I am  still playing with the Depth Of Field (DOF) - ( the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera ) I hope my photography has improved since I took up this hobby :)  I have all the mentors who have been with me through out this journey :) the constant lecturing and tutoring to thank for. Without them I would not have any knowledge of photography.  I know I have still a long way to go but the distance is shorter by the day :)

I purposely set it to have a blur background which
 photographer called it swallow depth of field

see how well it camouflages itself on the flower bud

The awesomeness of God is shown here :)