Tuesday, 18 July 2017

28-Spotted Potato Ladybird Beetle - Larvae Stage

Oh gosh....I spotted these yellow larvae under the bitter gourd leaves. Not knowing what larvae are these, I quickly googled and found that are spotted potato ladybird larvae.  They are considered as pests on agricultural crops such potatoes, radishes , pumpkin, turnips ,spinach and beans.  The adults feed on the upper surface of leaves and the larvae feed on the bottom surface of leaves.  Not  good news for home gardener like me :p . Now I know why my bitter gourd leaves are turning brown . For the time being they are good photography subject for me...so I will allow them to feed on my bitter gourd leaves for a while :p It is kind of cruel to kill them...right ?   Click here for more information

the larvae stay on under the underside of leaves

managed to get a close up..they are very tiny actually
the siblings stay close to each other :)

I love their color at this stage, later days their color will change to
black and orange

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Leafhopper ( family Cicadellidae ) Mating?

There are lots of things to see and observe in my lil space where I planted lots of plants and edibles.  Was looking through my plants for pests and found this leaf hoppers together, either they are courting or about to mate :p  Could not resist  and I took a close up picture of them together on my cotton plant stem. Love the color of the stem..like rhubarb.  They are considered pests to my plants but I allowed them to dwell in my garden. They bred fast and in no time I see my cotton plants full of them. They are very tiny and not noticeable unless you really hunt them down.  They are great subjects for my photography lesson :)

The leafhoppers were great friends until this orange insect (not sure whether it is the baby leafhopper) came along and separated them. What a nuisance ! After a while the orange insect flew off and the two leaf hoppers continues their courting LOL! Lots to see through the close up lens and my photography lessons continues :)

love the color of the cotton plant stem...reminds me of Rhubarb

and their courtship continues now going the other direction LOL

love the shallow depth of field here

this is not picture perfect but I somehow love the background :p

Joe's Lastest Addition To His Music Studio

It is hard not to find a Midi Keyboard Controller in my friend Joe's music studio. He keeps adding music instruments and accessories to his band.  I am amazed at his craze for music instruments and accessories. I guess he spend most of his income on musical instruments.  Oh well, since his children are all married, no financial commitment , I guess he has extra for his hobbies. And one of them is music. He has a band and he performs in hotels .  He and his band are always invited to performed for private functions and he is quite popular among our age group that is those above 50's . Hubby and I love to hear him sings Elvis's songs.  And he has a fantastic voice. During one of our meet up, we used to meet up for midnight supper after his performance, I asked him where he gets his music gadgets from and he told us that he usually buy online and sometimes he gets free shipping . His lastest addition is a Midi Keyboard Controller and he got if from best midi keyboard at guitarcenter.com   and you can check out more music gadgets from their official website . We enjoyed Joe's company very much as he is a great entertainer. He is a clown at times as he makes us laugh the whole night long whenever we are with him. He talks non stop from fishing to music stuff. We love this guy to bits and we are very blessed to have him as our friend :)

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Close Up Shots Of Insect Camouflage On A Flower Bud

I have not been playing with my DSLR for quite some time...just very busy with stuff and today, I just wanna share some of the beautiful sights that I am lucky to have capture through the close up lens. I am not able to indentify the insect at the moment but once I get its name, I will update here for your information. The beautiful part is how it camouflaged itself on the bud which is about to bloom in a day's time. Color is almost the same as the petals of the bud. I find it most exciting and in awe at how great our God is.  Love this picture much even though it might not be a prize winning picture but it shows me an insight on how the insect can camouflage itself so well.  If not for the close-up lens I would have missed this beautiful sight :) My main intention was to take a close up pic of the flower bud .  Texture of the petal is clearly captured and the fine hairs at the base of the bud too.  I am  still playing with the Depth Of Field (DOF) - ( the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera ) I hope my photography has improved since I took up this hobby :)  I have all the mentors who have been with me through out this journey :) the constant lecturing and tutoring to thank for. Without them I would not have any knowledge of photography.  I know I have still a long way to go but the distance is shorter by the day :)

I purposely set it to have a blur background which
 photographer called it swallow depth of field

see how well it camouflages itself on the flower bud

The awesomeness of God is shown here :)

I Drool Over This Accoustic Bass Guitar

When I saw this beauty, I could only drool for a minute :) My son would love this electric acoustic bass guitar.  And the newest version (3rd edition has some important upgrades - upgrade from the active amplication system to a Fishman MKAB system, the first pre-amp optimized for acoustic bass. Features  real quilt maple wood on the body and the tone of the maple is brighter, more focused and has added projection. Has hand scalloped bracing, double adjustable truss rod and dual graphite reinforcement rods for added neck stability and longevity. Mind you, it has a 34" scale for the perfect string response and the amazing thing is you get a vine style look and has accented inlay that adorns the fingerboard which is made from real abalone and pearl for the ultimate in instrument extravagance . What a beauty !  And the best best thing is , the price is affordable ! If you have intention to change   You can check it out at musiciansfriend.com acoustic bass .

Friday, 28 April 2017

My Collection Of Precious Water Gem

People collect precious knick knacks for their homes but I collect water gems through my Nikon D7000 with the Sigma 30mm f1.4  :) Sound uninteresting? But to me, water droplets or I named them water gems are interesting if captured with a sparkle.  As shown in the photo above, there was a streak of sunlight caught at the corner of the water droplet which gives it its sparkle. With the right setting and the right angle where the sunlight shines at the right spot, I managed to bring this water droplet to sparkle like a precious gem.  My beautiful priceless water gem found on the stem of a leaf giving me the greatest pleasure ever.  My photography learning journey has given me great pleasure.  Seeing things the naked eyes sometimes can't capture brings me happiness :)  Sharing a collection of  my precious water gem with you guys and hope you too will be inspired by my photography and be able to look at God's creation in an appreciative way.  God bless  you for taking time to  read this post and do come back for more beautiful photos taken by me  which I will be sharing in the coming days.

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a water gem so precious with its sparkle
worthless !

Collecting Knick Knacks Is A Time Honored Hobby

Knick knacks, trinkets, baubles, curios. These are just a few names for objects that have no intrinsic value, but that nonetheless have sentimental value to people. Not only do people gravitate to these supposedly “useless” items, some even collect them. Collecting is a time honored hobby, and common collectibles are stamps, coins, action figures, and I ,myself, even collect bottle caps. Collecting things likely feeds the primal instinct in us to hoard food for survival, or it may have to do with our yearning for exploration or knowledge. What we can all agree on is that collecting things makes us feel good. If becoming a collector sounds interesting to you, here are a few examples of collectibles to get you started.

As previously stated people love collecting stamps and coins. The reason for this, besides the fact that coins are a unit of currency, is that stamps and coins are snapshots of a certain point in time. Coin collectors like to collect limited edition coins, for example, because these coins were minted in small numbers and few exist, so they exist as a reminder of the time in which they were minted. Similarly, stamps come in a wide variety of designs, none of which are made in perpetuity, so each design is only manufactured so many times. People collect these unique designs as sort of a reminder of the past.

Another common type of collection is of certain apparel, such as shoes and hats. While I can’t say what it is, specifically, about these items that their collectors value, that’s part of what collecting things is all about. It’s about collecting something you find interesting, whether or not it’s valued by the masses. For example, my collection of bottle caps would be considered litter-al garbage (get it?) by most, but I like them, so I hang on to them. If you’re the kind of person that likes hats and wants to start a collection, or you want to college sports memorabilia, <a href=”https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/lids.com”> Lids </a> has got you covered.